Tips for kids that struggle to sleep with @BOrganicSkin

Posted by Justin Wateridge on 9th Mar 2017

A wonderful review from 'rainbows are too beautiful'

'None of our children sleep great. Estimates say between 50% and 90% of autistic people have some sleeping difficulties, whether that's going to sleep, staying asleep or sleeping at the wrong time. We've had it all. Over the years we've seen a few specialists and received lots of advice for our boys who have ASD and ADHD. Though it didn't all work for us, there's lots that can be tried to help children many children feel calm, safe and ready for sleep.

The first step is to establish a good bedtime routine. Many people with autism and ADHD can find routines helpful. We have established a routine that happens every night that gives the boys notice of their bedtime, helps them calm their senses and creates an environment to help them be ready for sleep. This includes going upstairs, having a bath, then low lighting, a story, hugs and night lights.'

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