Our Story



Back in 2009, I finally produced ‘the cream,’ and I was thrilled that it soon healed my daughter’s skin. From birth, she had suffered from eczema, so I sought the expertise of doctors and applied their prescriptions. Some showed promise, but ultimately none of them worked. My daughter’s eczema persisted, and her sores formed scars that took a long time to fade. 

Some well-known brands caused my daughter’s allergies. The more I scrutinized their ingredients, the more I sought natural and organic alternatives. I lined up a selection of essential oils and organic plant extracts, switched on my food processor and set to work. Eureka! My kitchen preparation nursed my daughter’s skin to health. The cream I’d made became the mainstay of my B Organic Skincare range, which today amounts to forty skin and hair rejuvenating formulas.

My colleagues and I still hand-make B Organic Skincare products in small batches. We seize the healing properties of plants and flowers, and concentrate them into luxuriantly aromatic products. Some come fragrance-free. Everything we touch is natural and organic, including food-grade ingredients, organic plant extracts, essential oils, gels, balms and creams.

We offer seven categories of organic skin and hair care, providing for mums-to-be, men, woman, and those of you with babies or children. Many of our products nourish sensitive skin and soothe away eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Others shampoo, condition and body-wash, leaving skin soft and bodies invigorated, ready to seize the day. And for night, many of our products calm, relax and promote peaceful sleep.

I am proud that now around the UK, around the world even, families rely on B Organic Skincare. We have become synonymous with NO nasty chemicals, petrochemicals or foaming agents. Natural and certified 100% organic ingredients: that’s what we’re about. Thank you for having, or thinking about having, B Organic Skincare in your home. We look forward to hearing from you, advising you and providing a helping hand.