Review: Please Read - My 10 year old son who had suffered from chronic eczema for 5 years

29th Apr 2015

I tried the baby wash and soothing balm on my 10 year old son who had suffered from chronic eczema for 5 years, nothing ever worked. We tried steroids and every emollient out there, he wore all in one dressings 24 hours a day and had to be sedated at night due to pain. He was admitted to hospital lots with serious infections in his skin and at one point registered disabled as it was so bad he couldn't walk.

I stumbled across B Organic Skincare who sent me the Baby Top to Toe Wash and Lavender & Chamomile Soothing Body Balm. I can honestly say these are fabulous, they didn't sting or dry his skin or make it greasy. His feet have really shown a huge improvement and his hands are no longer red and scaly.

This product should be made available on prescription as I'm only too aware the NHS spends so much money prescribing creams on him hoping they will work then they don't. This really does work and if avaliable could change the way skin conditions are treated which will then increase a Childs confidence.

If anyone reads this that hasn't yet tried this product then please try it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Natasha Chapman