Review: Mummy Loves Reviews B Organic Skincare

29th Apr 2015

I received a lovely parcel from Aycin at B Organic skincare a few weeks ago to test and review. Aycin created B Organic Skincare due to necessity. Her daughter was born with severe eczema and for several years she suffered with it. Often she would hear her crying in the night and would find her bleeding where she had scratched in her sleep. The products prescribed to her by their doctor if they helped at all it was short lived and the eczema would be back. She found organic products SLS and Paraben free, but eliminating these chemicals was not enough. There are worse chemicals that are being used in these organic products that damage the skin. She tried everything on the market but none of them ever seemed to work. Aycin read everything there was to read including how other cultures deal with skin conditions, she spoke with experts to find out the best way to deal with the condition. The result of which was the creation of what she believes is the gentlest organic skincare and bath products with the best certified organic ingredients they could possibly find. Her products are not only organic, but free from so many nasty chemicals. All their products are suitable for sufferers of eczema and sensitive skin.

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